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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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(1/11/2013 7:38:05 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The Internet is killing you!
- LMFAO!!!
(1/11/2013 7:29:35 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
A 5% revenue decline will lead to bankruptcy for many in the years to come.
- Dean
(1/11/2013 6:57:32 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
If we are innovative with the products and promotions that we offer clients, radio will be fine. Radio stations need offer their clients complete solutions when it comes to their advertising needs. So step up to the plate and don't be afraid to step out of the box. Our company had a record year last year and we are pacing ahead of last years numbers by 10%! So don't believe all the hype about radios decline. It will only decline if we let it! Wishing everyone a profitable 2013!
- Mark Porter
(1/11/2013 6:48:09 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"Deals that will never be repeated! Schmucky's Lada Sales and Service will not be undersold! Get down here today to make your best deal or you'll miss out! For the best sales, service and selection, Schmucky's is the place to go! Sale ends Saturday! Don't miss it!"

Yeah, that should do it. (Another snazzy radio "solution" provided.)

Any chance at all of snapping out of this goofy, self-destructive trance....?

- Ronald T. Robinson

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