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Pandora Exec Tells Radio Ink "We Are Radio. All Day Long."

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(1/10/2013 8:17:00 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I love it!
- LMFAO!!!
(1/10/2013 8:02:10 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Eric: "....... Trimble was unable to answer the big question we had for him which was how Pandora came up with its declaration that it now owns over 7% of all total radio listening......."

You let him quote a number? But you then state he has no valid justification for that number? What did he say when you asked him? Isn't Pandora a public company? And you let him simply get away with that? Really?

- Marshall Cohen
(1/10/2013 7:53:22 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
What about EAS?
- Jim Mills

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