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(1/13/2013 1:22:09 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I love the Bull because you have Billy Greenwood :)
- Kari
(1/13/2013 1:20:24 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
93.7 The Bull is the most incredible radio station I have ever listened to. They keep their listeners interested, funny stories, great discussion topics, even the best playlists. They always have the best concerts and I love the Bull Float Trip, especially since its my home town! Mason and Remi always make the mornings better, their show is always is always so interactive.
- Sunni
(1/12/2013 9:52:22 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
US99 is the best country station. They play the current songs and the oldies too. They are always coming up with great contests. The DJ's are very entertaining.
- Hope
(1/12/2013 12:02:31 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
KSD-FM/The Bull - 93.7

Love this station!!

- Tiffany
(1/11/2013 3:39:22 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Best country station? That's easy. Thunder106 in NJ has a staff that not only loves country music, but they love their fans. They have a country heart that you can't get from a script. It comes from deep inside and they share that heart with their listeners everyday. They have brought us the best of the best in country shows and NJ's local talent is top notch, from After The Reign to Corey Wagar, Rachel Allyn and Liv Devine, NJ is definitely on the country music map because of Thunder106!
- Susan
(1/11/2013 12:33:58 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
LOVE -- KSD-FM/The Bull - 93.7

It's #1 on my radio! Always listening while I work!

- Patti
(1/11/2013 12:31:44 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
93.7 The Bull in St. Louis is the absolute BEST!! They always play the best music, they play some good classics, and ALWAYS have the new music first! They always have a new event in which they are giving to the community and they seem to really care about their listeners. Plus, Mason and Remy are the BOMB!! BEST morning show I've ever heard. They make being up at 6 in the morning during the summer completely worth it. I could go on and on!Basically, The Bull is always my first choice of radio station to listen to...THE BULL ROCKS!!!!
- Sydney

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