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What Is Nielsen's Plan For Radio?
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Radio's Next Big Disruption

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(11/16/2012 10:45:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Finally i agree with you. SADLY.

Clear Chan will be first. They have this plan back at hdqrts and have already started. With radio revenues now firmly planted in the toilet. This is whats going to happen in the next 12-24 months for sure. These groups DO NOT need a morning show midday talent and pm drive in ANY market or a promotions team or even a manager. Its ALL OVER for radio - maybe in SMR it will live a minute longer. But Cumulus and Clear Chan are not thriving this is whats NEXT.

- smitty
(11/16/2012 9:43:38 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Look to Comcast model
- In agreement
(11/16/2012 9:11:47 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Eric: I have believed for some time that your "3 year prediction" of two types of radio broadcasters, National and Local, is the future of our business. Your examples, though seeming extreme, have already happened on the programming, and production side. Selling only nationally, for the bigger companies, certainly makes some sense, in particular in larger markets where most of the syndicated talent would live. (Thus the best of both worlds as seen with Z100 in NY and the terrific job they have done with Sandy.) I personally believe that both models will work and only hope that the companies that decide to go the local route understand the investment side of the equation and keep their debt service at a point that will allow them to do the job. I applaud you for putting this in black and white for all to see and consider.
- Jay Clark
(11/16/2012 8:45:19 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The big conglomerates could save a lot of money on electricity by turning off all the transmitters.
- Paul Lotsof
(11/16/2012 7:03:18 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Greetings Friends,
This is why I moved into "Small Market Radio". SMR will survive Long-Term by providing service through "Local" programming including News, Sports & community involvement.
Local Retailers will always fight "Big-Box" stores. Small Market Newspapers are dying, Rural Billboards are empty, Local TV production is crap compared to National production…BUT we in Radio still produce well-written and recorded ads that are effective for the client.
Radio works because of repetio

- Dean Minnick
(11/16/2012 12:03:47 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
As disturbing as those comments are, Eric - at least at first blush - the ramifications may be wonderful for local radio.

Let's presume the monster conglomerates go full-blown automated with national syndicated programming.

That leaves every market wide open for a mighty, local participant or two, or three. In the meantime, if some outfits fold in the process, will audiences be mourning and bathing in ashes? No. Most audience members won't even notice that some stations are missing.

As to streamlining sales: Sure. But first, we might consider creating some decent commercial content.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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