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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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Westergren Denies He's Doing it for The Money

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(11/14/2012 6:08:53 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Smiller- Pandora's market cap is $1.2B or almost 3x Cumulus' so it is all but impossible for Cumulus to buy Pandora, never mind that Lew doesn't have the vision for it anyway.

- Guest
(11/14/2012 8:48:04 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
found it...The digital music service Spotify is reportedly raising $100 million from a group of investors. The Wall Street Journal says the financing pegs the value of the company at slightly more than $3 billion. That’s more than twice what investors have pegged Pandora’s worth even though Spotify has fewer than four million paid users and four times that number that use its free service.

- smiller
(11/14/2012 7:51:26 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Tim...quit trying so hard to survive. there will be a company that will come along, probably clear channel or cumulus, that will purchase your delivery system...then you can pocket the money a go away!!
- smiller

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