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Hiring Sellers Is Not Going To Get Easier!

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(1/30/2013 10:21:33 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Cristiano ronaldo, kaka, pepe together to Madrid shelter children donated toys
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The chairman of the autonomous region, Madrid, ignacio gonzalez in the speech thank "real Madrid's contribution" and emphasize the aim is to hope to bring the region most in need of help the children. "
Real Madrid team player Rudy fernandez and sergio also attended the event, the toy to represent 15 shelter of 45 children's hands.
"In this difficu

- Gugrjz
(1/28/2013 9:29:44 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Small method: the la liga match play? It would be great
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The best player on the la liga match play hot discussion never cut off, and not only in this discussion between fans, the players in the market is also.
In the last week to pick the matter said support, small method also voiced their opinions: "I think it will be a football feast, it will be very interesting. I don't know whether can realize, but the audience will enjoy i

- aprmyib
(10/3/2012 12:48:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Our firm recently completed a research study of 1700+ media sales professionals, and more than half of the managers said the same thing you are saying. It's getting harder and harder for them to find quality salespeople! (

- Tony Florentino
(10/3/2012 11:49:41 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It's always been hard, it's harder now because Radio has lost some of it's attraction to the new to the job market. It's ironic, there is fantastic testing now that is dead on accurate on predicting sales candidates success. There is a real chasm in the world between old school managers and the digitally savy candidates that are available. Some radio companies don't even provide training or a CRM platform....
The real place to look in my view is through diversity.

- dave presher

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