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Westergren: "It's The Playlist Stupid."

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The MUSIC Format is no more than a broad and generalized attempt at defining a demographic and psycho-graphic target audience.

After that, programming tunes is a fool's endeavor - always falling short in some way or another.

Given that now, audiences gets to program their own music-runs, all that's left for terra-Radio is getting involved in enhancing (training) the Talent and, as importantly - completely re-addressing the CREATIVE.

OH! This just in. I'm told the Talent has left the building? Sorry to hear that. Too bad.

Start packin'....

- Ronald T. Robinson
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Interesting since analysts in the radio industry have been saying "It's the talent, stupid." for almost a decade now. I've heard some well-programmed HD-2 stations with no talent but great playlists and yet they aren't reaching critical mass. The Jack format has been having problems in several major markets. Somehow, I think it's more than just the playlist, stupid...
- Frank M

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