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Pandora VS. Radio. Tons of Comments.

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- xiaozhang
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- NY
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- NY
(2/24/2011 8:57:50 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Yah, and well travel to Jupiter to see the Monolith in 2001' and back in 2010 and the Soviet Union will still exist. And our flying DeLorian and hover boards from Matell are just 3 years away.

Buddy, your sci-fi dreams won't exist in a world now defunding high speed rail.(a 1950s technology) and a world worried about screwing the taxpayer for fully funded teacher benefits.

However, HAL did win on Jeopardy last week!

- Travis medcalf
(2/22/2011 10:30:41 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

You may be right...but by the time all of that happens you'll be dead and radio will still be viable. So...why not take a position in the auto industry? 10-4, good buddy.

- Guy Phillips
(2/21/2011 9:20:57 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thank heavens we now all know what Dick thinks.....thanks Dick.
- Charlie Ferguson

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