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40 Most Powerful People In Radio - 2007 (07/02/07)

1 Mark P. Mays, CEO, and Randall Mays, President/CFO, Clear Channel Communications (1)
2 John Hogan, President/CEO, Clear Channel Radio (2)
3 Dan Mason, President/CEO, CBS Radio (NA)
4 Farid Suleman, Chairman/CEO, Citadel Broadcasting Corp. (4)
5 Lewis W. Dickey Jr., Chairman/CEO, Cumulus Media, Inc. (5)
6 David J. Field, President/CEO, Entercom Communications Corp. (6)
7 Jeffrey H. Smulyan, Chairman/CEO, Emmis Communications (7)
8 Bob Neil, President/CEO, Cox Radio, Inc. (8)
9 Bruce T. Reese, President/CEO, Bonneville International Corp. (10)
10 Peter H. Smyth, President/CEO, Greater Media, Inc. (12)
11 Judy Ellis, COO/President, Citadel Broadcasting Corp. (11)
12 Alfred Liggins, CEO/President, Radio One, Inc. (9)
13 Gary Stone, President/COO, Univision Radio, Inc. (13)
14 Edward G. Atsinger III, President/CEO, Salem Communications Corp. (14)
15 Stuart O. Olds, CEO, Katz Media Group (16)
16 David Kennedy, CEO/Vice Chairman, Interep (NA)
17 Kraig T. Kitchin, President/COO, Premiere Radio Networks (19)
18 David Rehr, President/CEO, National Association of Broadcasters(21)
19 William L. Stakelin, President/CEO, Regent Communications (20)
20 John C. David, Executive Vice President/Radio, National Association of Broadcasters (23)
21 Raul Alarcon, President/CEO, Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (29)
22 Jon Pinch, Executive Vice President/Co-COO, Cumulus Media, Inc. (18)
John Dickey, Co-COO, Cumulus Media, Inc. (NA)
23 Marc W. Morgan, Executive Vice President/COO, Cox Radio, Inc. (24)
24 Catherine Hughes, Founder/Chairperson, Radio One, Inc. (22)
25 Edward K. Christian, President/CEO, Saga Communications, Inc. (26)
26 Stephen B. Morris, Chairman/President/CEO, Arbitron, Inc. (27)
27 James Robinson, President, ABC Radio Networks(25)
28 Ralph Guild, Chairman, Interep (17)
29 Jeff Haley, President/CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau (NA)
30 George G. Beasley, Chairman/CEO, Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. (28)
31 Rick Cummings, President, Radio Division, Emmis Communications (30)
32 Richard D. Buckley, Chairman/CEO, Buckley Broadcasting (35)
33 Don Benson, President, Radio Division, Lincoln Financial (31)
34 Charles M. Warfield Jr., President/COO, ICBC Broadcast Holdings, Inc. (34)
35 Mark Masters, CEO, Talk Radio Network (39)
36 Peter Kosann, President/CEO, Westwood One (33)
37 Mary Quass, President/CEO, NRG Media (38)
38 Jeff Dinetz, President/COO, NextMedia (NA)
39 Jeffery Liberman, President/Radio Division, Entravision Communications Corp. (NA)
40 David Landau, Co-President/CEO, Dial Global (NA)