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Russo In Race Controversy


The former longtime WFAN host is facing some criticism after what he said on his SiriusXM program. Getting into it with a caller who challenged him on why there were no African American hosts on his channel, Russo said,  "Don't you think if we thought there was a black sports talk show host who knew what was going on and who wanted the job here with us, you don't think we'd put the person on? What do you think, we're crazy?" Russo was trying to make the overall point that it's difficult for anyone to do three hours of compelling sports talk, however, he certainly "stepped in it" a bit when he started off his rant, and when he ended it with this statement: "No tape has run by my desk from a black host who I would deem worthy of doing a national sports talk radio program." You can listen to the 4:30 of Russo's audio HERE.

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