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Is Radio Experiencing Renaissance?

One of the first radio panels at the 2014 NAB show in Las Vegas was called "The Radio Renaissance" and focused quite a bit on AM radio. The FCC's Peter Doyle and Audio, and Bryan Broadcasting VP Ben Downs (both pictured here) agreed the AM band is in the midst of a revitalization and AM stations are becoming stronger and more available to listeners, because of the ability to crossover to the FM band. Downs asked that the FCC to look into receiver mandates because of interference from pirate radio stations.

Minority Media & Telecommunications Senior Counsel Joycelyn James, said AM radio is vitally important to minority media owners, and more are needed. She asked that the FCC get a move on AM applications now under Review. "The longer they sit, the longer bank financing dries up, which sends new potential owners running."

Marissa Repp, Repp Law Firm, brought the audience back to basics when she mentioned that 1 /3 of 12-24 year olds listen to online radio, so "we must get radio on those devices" so they don't have to search too long. "They want radio, but they want it on the devices they are using" - phones, tablets, etc.

At the end of the session moderator Christina Burrow asked Peter Doyle if he could give just two commandments to broadcasters, what would they be? He said 1. If you're filing a waiver, "make sure it's for a true, and meaningful rule change. File a petition if you truly believe something is not right."  2. "Stop filing frivolous lawsuits."