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Huckabee Quit Because Cumulus Didn't Clear Him


Reflecting on his brief career as a daily talk show host, Mike Huckabee told Politico that when he realized Cumulus wasn't going to make a real effort to syndicate him across the country, he took "an out" he had in his contract. Huckabee was marketed by Cumulus in April 2012 as less confrontational. His show ended in December of 2013 as Cumulus focused more on keeping Rush Limbaugh in the noon to 3 p.m. slot and adding Michael Savage to afternoon drive.

Huckabee told Politico, "I thought, OK, I can keep doing this with the unrealized hopes that theyre going to start clearing me on other markets and really make this thing where it has the footprint that it needs and the revenue that would make justifiable for me that kind of time. But, in reality, I just didnt want to be pinned down without some kind of guarantee that that was going to happen. And when that wasnt coming, you know, it was the right decision to make.

Huckabee also told Politico that of all the things his done over the past two decades, being a talk show host was the easiest. "Being a candidate, being an officeholder and being a talk show host, far and away the easiest of those is a talk show host. Its time-consuming, but the fact is youre not responsible for the outcome of any of the ideas that you express. I can say whatever I want to. I totally control the medium. If theres a caller I dont like, I either dont put him up or if he starts saying something I dont like, I can push one button and hes gone. How I wish I could have pushed buttons and caused some legislators to disappear. That would have been wonderful.

Read the Politico piece HERE

(1/3/2014 2:49:04 AM)
Huck,see your future- BE your future.

- J.T.
(12/30/2013 9:11:31 AM)
Run for President in 2016 Mike! Your destined for something greater than radio and certainly Cumulus! You'll have my vote, again!

- Kevin Neathery

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