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Geraldo to Air on WABC Only


Cumulus says Geraldo Rivera's radio program will air on WABC in New York only (from 10a-12p) beginning January 1st. Cumulus co-COO and Executive Vice President John Dickey said, We are excited that one of the most recognized and respected names in media will be sharing his perspectives on New York issues and supporting local causes that matter most to listeners in one of our top markets." Geraldo launched into syndication in August of 2012

Geraldo added, For the last four decades, in war and peace Ive been chasing the news around the world. But theres a universe of stories right here in my hometown. Energized and excited by this opportunity, Im taking our show to the four corners of the five boroughs. Ill be on the streets and in the face of lawbreakers and newsmakers, ready with a hot mike and a helping hand."

(11/29/2013 8:49:47 AM)
Geraldo is such a big liberal. I quit listening to my local station a soon as they put him on. I wish Fox would axe him too. I would prefer Alan Colmes over Geraldo. At least he is honest about being a liberal!

- Steve Kelly
(11/27/2013 7:26:25 PM)
I have nothing against Geraldo, but he is not being honest.Prior to the election, he claimed to be a Republican, but voted for Obama.Now, whenever I listen to his broadcast, he sounds more and more like a Liberal Democrat. Let's be real...he is not red, blue or red-white and blue. Geraldo,face the truth and don't give us lies,in order to confuse us. Admit that you are a Democrat and move on.By the way,I get too aggravated listening to him.I always change the channel.It seems like I am not alone

- Sam
(11/27/2013 10:12:10 AM)
Geez. Why stick him on us near NYC? Are we more ignorant then the rest of the country? Just get rid of him altogether.

- Charlie

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