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As we were putting the finishing touches on our DASH agenda, we started thinking we had some incredible sessions that explore the connected car from a 360-degree point of view. From the beginning, the goal of DASH was to put together a mashup of automotive experts (OEMS and Tier 1s), national and local auto ad agencies, along with car dealers, pure-plays, and of course, some of the biggest names in the radio industry.

We now have more than 45 speakers, presenters, and keynoters experts who you just dont see at radio conferences. But as the agenda was coming together, our partner Valerie Shuman asked why we didnt have a session that showcased air talent. And of course, she was right. Part of our mission with the DASH Conference is to send a message to the automotive community that local radio is alive and well, providing content, service, and entertainment that consumers cant get anywhere else.

Theres no better way to show this off than with some of the biggest and best DJs, hosts, and shows from Detroit, a radio market long known for its great personalities. J.P. McCarthy, Dick Purtan, Steve Dahl, and Howard Stern all learned their craft entertaining the Motor City. 

Thats why we put together our Behind the Mic/Behind the Wheel session, featuring todays Motown radio stars. Thanks to General Motors, our DJ icons will drive a connected car and show you what its like from their vantage point; and how changes in the car may change the way they craft their humor, their topics, and their approaches moving forward.

Hosted by Greater Medias Buzz Knight, this session features WRIFs new morning superstars Dave & Chuck the Freak (plus Lisa Way), The Tickets afternoon monster duo Mike Valenti & Terry Foster, and the venerable, multi-talented Jay Towers from WNIC. DASH attendees will watch them navigate their way through the center stack, and Buzz will moderate what promises to be an entertaining and fast-moving session.

It is essential that our execs from the automotive, agency, and car dealership sectors gain a better understanding of what live and local radio is all about. Too often at telematics and consumer electronics conferences, broadcast radio is simply not represented. It is essential that the automotive community reconnect with radio, and a goal of DASH is to provide the beginnings of partnership opportunities and areas where our industries can work together.

So the live-and-local conversation moves to the car. And its another reason why Behind the Mic/Behind the Wheel is an essential part of radio telling its story to automakers. But the other side of this fast-changing landscape is that radio programmers and personalities need to be thinking about capturing mindshare and not just meters. When consumers sit down behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with Fords SYNC, Cadillacs CUE, or Chryslers UConnect, their choices have expanded exponentially.

Join us at DASH to be a part of that conversation, and to help your company, your cluster, or your station navigate the future of radio and the connected car.

Fred Jacobs is the founder and president of Jacobs Media.

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