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Rolling In The Deep At The NAB/RAB Show


I have the privilege of working with all types of media, but this article is for the great people in radio. Here are some of my highlights, kudos, and observations from the NAB/RAB Show in Orlando this past week.

The scars of the “Great Recession” left some people with the thought that radio needed an obituary. Radio is actually coming back stronger than ever thanks to the leadership and new ownership in markets where they are taking radio to another level. The owners who are using their online platforms to enhance their air content are reaching new heights.

Kudos to Gordon Smith, president and CEO of NAB, and my friend John David, VP of Radio for the NAB! Thank you for putting on a great show with Erica Farber and the Radio Advertising Bureau. I am not sure how you are going to top the 2013 convention. In addition, thank you to our State Broadcast Associations for paving the way with legislation and helping to train our sales reps.

Congratulations to Dan Mason and CBS Radio for WBBM winning the Legendary Station Award at the Marconi Awards on Thursday night. You just keep getting better and better Dan! WBBM was a favorite station of mine as a boy. I would pick it up on the “cloud bounce” in Lincoln, Nebraska.

John Zimmer, owner of Zimmer Broadcasting, received a well-deserved honor by being named as American’s Best Broadcaster by Radio Ink Magazine. John, I can say from personal speaking appearances with your people in attendance that you truly earned the recognition. It is also refreshing to see companies like yours bringing their people to the convention as rewards and recognition for their hard work. The Columbia, Missouri, morning show with Josh and Whitney is over the top. You also have a sales rep known as “CNA Stacy” who really knows how to do an effective customer needs analysis. You train your people. Enough said.

Thank you Eric Rhoads and your staff at Radio Ink for the Radio Wayne Awards. Maybe you do not know how important those awards are to people, and how much they mean to our industry! Congratulations to all of the Radio Wayne winners and those of you who were nominated. It is a big deal I promise you. Maybe another speaker and trainer will come out of that group to lead and consult broadcasters in the future. Thank you Radio Ink for continuing to keep the Radio Wayne voice alive and well and for being the voice of the radio industry. You keep that lighthouse beacon on us for sure.

I also see our new Radio Advertising Bureau as more powerful, more comprehensive, and more on-demand than ever before. The radio industry needs a strong RAB and you are giving it to the radio station members better and bigger than ever before. President Erica Farber, Senior Vice President of Development John Potter, and Vice President of Training Brandies Hall, produced a great session on Friday morning. It is not easy to put so many consultants on a platform together and make it work. To everyone at the RAB: What you are doing for the radio industry is vital. Keep us strong and vibrant!

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect…

Does practice make perfect? No, perfect practice makes perfect, and practicing your sales presentations before you give them can make them very effective and rise above the clutter.

Sales presentations should have some sizzle and be different, so reps will be remembered in this impression-based world we live in today. Thank you to my assistant at the convention, Margaret Wood, who helped me with a book launch and performed as a take-no-prisoners Bond girl that was entertaining and devastatingly effective. On stage, the new actress nailed her part for an ovation from the audience. Thank you to Laura Smith from WABC in New York. I am sure Margaret will be a great interview on your show. Thank you Gordy Rush, Louisiana Broadcaster of the Year 2013, for the field pass to the LSU/Ole Miss Game! I have no doubt that you will have quite the show on the field that day. Bond girls usually do not last very long before they go on to bigger and better things -- like having their own nationally syndicated sports talk show or Hollywood. Margaret deserves her next Bond role gig for sure. See you in Boston!

“There’s a (Liquid) fire starting in my heart. Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out of the dark. Finally I can see you crystal clear.” Adele-Rolling In the Deep.

Sean Luce is the Head National Instructor for the Luce Performance Group and can be reached at or

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