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Clear Channel Launches "IHeartRadio Talk"


It's a new custom feature on iHeartRadio which offers on-demand, listener-created talk content alongside popular news, celebrity, and entertainment “audiosodes.” Clear Channel Digital President Brian Lakamp says, “For the first time ever, listeners who have been accepted into the iHeartRadio Talk library will be able to record and instantly share their perspective on any topic they choose – it’s basically like offering ‘audio Twitter.’ We are giving a voice to the everyman, and at the same time are enabling iHeartRadio users to discover and enjoy thousands of ‘audiosodes’ from the best talent around the country – something only Clear Channel is able to offer.”

Vice President and General Manager of ABC Radio Steve Jones says, “We’re excited that millions of ABC TV viewers will have the opportunity through iHeartRadio to keep connected to their favorite ABC programs and personalities. From ABC News segments to exclusive content from ‘GMA,’ ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ and ‘The View,’ iHeartRadio extends the digital reach of ABC so that whether you’re on your couch or in your car, your favorite ABC audio content always is at your fingertips.”

 iHeartRadio Talk will also feature “Daily Pulse,” a customizable Talk channel featuring the most up-to-date news and culture highlights, which allows users to add content that is most important to them.

iHeartRadio's Talk feature functionalities include:
·       Customized listening – Users can indicate their preferences with a  “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” similar to iHeartRadio’s custom music stations, but with no skip limits and the ability to rewind.
·       Daily PulseTM – A completely customizable channel, Daily Pulse allows Web listeners full control, adding or removing shows based on their own preferences. Any show available on iHeartRadio Talk can also be added to the Daily Pulse to give the listener daily updates on what matters most to them. 
·       Show Pages – Each iHeartRadio Talk contributor will have their own Show Page that listeners can visit for on-demand access to all their episodes. Users can also choose to add the show to their Daily Pulse station for quick and easy listening. 
·       Add-Ins – Users on the Web can choose to include their local news, traffic, and weather in their iHeartRadio Talk stations.
·       Social Media Integration – Users have the ability to easily share what they are listening to with their friends via Facebook or Twitter with a deep link direct to a specific episode or to the Show Page. Coming Soon – listeners will have the ability to embed shows into blogs, websites, and more.

In addition, iHeartRadio announced a new partnership with Spreaker, a company that combines Web and mobile broadcasting tools so audio creators can connect and stay connected with their fans in real time. Beginning today, budding radio stars who use Spreaker on the Web and on iOS devices will be able to record their own shows and submit for potential inclusion in iHeartRadio Talk’s official library.

Clear Channel says it has made a priority of talent discovery and development. "With Spreaker’s audiocast technology, up-and-coming radio personalities have the opportunity to have their show promoted alongside iHeartRadio’s most popular talents including Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mario Lopez, and Elvis Duran, as well as hundreds of local Talk personalities and other major content partners including ABC News, Fox Sports, The Wall Street Journal, American Public Media, HuffPost Live, TMZ, Jillian Michaels, Adam Carolla, Mashable, Bloomberg, and more."

Beginning today, users can access the beta version of iHeartRadio Talk on the Web and will have the ability to search for their favorite talk shows on iOS and Android phones – full mobile iHeartRadio Talk functionality will be available in September. With more than 50,000 “audiosodes” that span more than 20 categories – from business and news to comedy, lifestyle, and sports – listeners will enjoy customizable, on-demand content from top-rated favorite shows like Good Morning America, TED Talks, Direct from Hollywood with Ryan Seacrest, Rush Limbaugh's "Rush Daily Update Minute," CollegeHumor Originals, and more. Content from Jimmy Kimmel Live and The View will also be available beginning in September when their fall seasons launch on ABC TV.

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(7/24/2013 10:35:57 AM)
Yet another big co discovers podcasting. Why do they call it "talk" suggesting it is, i dunno talk radio? Users will be disappointed because all the names they're familiar with aren't there. Http:// is a more complete option.

- Julian Smith
(7/24/2013 10:20:07 AM)
One must be impressed with Clear Channel's continued development of their iHeart service - even if they are copying other players. First it was Pandora, then Songza & now Stitcher. Stitcher's competitive landscape really changed today.

What is curious is that they call it "Talk" when it is not like talk radio AM listeners use. All the big talk names like Rush, Beck, Rome, Ramsey are missing. It's really about podcasts which they're reframing as talk radio. There is some overlap but not much.

- MR

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