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MIW Releases Gender Analysis Study


According to the latest MIW Gender Analysis Study released by the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group, out of 11,253 stations, 1,936 or 17.7 percent had women holding the GM position in 2012. That number is up over a full percentage point from 2011 which was 16.6 percent and shows continued growth from 2004, eight years ago when the percentage was only 14.9 percent. The greatest challenge for women in radio management continues to be as programmers.

Women currently only program 11.3 percent of all stations which compares to 10.7 percent seven years ago. In the top 100 markets women have made some real improvement, programming 11.8 percent of all stations which compares to only 9.6 percent in 2011.
The disappointing news in the top 100 markets is it is showing some downward movement. In 2012, 16.8 percent of stations in these markets were managed by women, compared to 17.4 percent in 2011. Overall, the best management opportunities for women continue to be in sales management although there's been essentially only a minor change for the last eight years. In 2012, 31 percent of all stations had women SMs, up a half a percentage point from last year. And in the top 100 markets 30.3 percent of the stations had women SMs, down slightly from last year.

You can read the study HERE