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Struble More Enthusiastic Than Ever

The perspective about HD Radio from those in the radio industry is mixed, depending on the day of the week and who you ask. iBiquity President and CEO Bob Struble says what he heard and saw at the NAB Show in Vegas and the New York Auto Show "made me more enthusiastic than ever about HD Radios progress and the technologys ability to help broadcasters compete in the 21st century.
Struble explains what he heard and why he's enthusiastic. The messages from the NYAS could not be clearer: the competition in dashboards is intense, listeners have multiple services vying for their time and attention, HD Radio technology has been embraced by automakers and is essential to maintain radios relevance and competitiveness in the digital dash. Many broadcasters might be surprised that for most automakers today, AM/FM radio means HD Radio technology.
Struble also said that automotive manufacturers want HD radio. My discussions with auto executives confirmed that HD Radio technology is fundamental to keeping broadcast radio competitive in cars. And we all know how critical in-car listening is to our industry.
According to Struble, 12 million HD Radio receivers are now in the marketplace. Thirty-three automakers have now publicly announced their plans to incorporate HD Radio technology in over 170 models by year-end with 80 featuring HD Radio receivers as standard equipment and over 2,200 HD Radio stations have converted to HD Radio technology.

And, he added that if broadcasters want to make more money they should embrace HD. Two things always make broadcasters sit up and take notice: money-making opportunities and feedback from their listeners. Both are becoming commonplace with HD Radio stations, driven by the millions of HD Radio receivers being sold, most for in-car listening.

(4/29/2013 9:33:10 PM)
With the automakers having Service Bulletins and TSBs against HD Radio, what is there to be proud of?

- Smitty
(4/29/2013 9:07:25 PM)
Let the naysayers naysay. Yet despite the ill advised financial model of IBOC, it's the only choice out there, and just could be radio's last chance, in the face of the G4 threat. I'm not about to roll over and die. I'm converting our network to HD. Let's get a hustle on and give HD car radios something great to listen to!

- Ron Myers
(4/29/2013 4:41:30 PM)

Nice spin job. However, if people were actually USING those millions of HD receivers at least one HD channel would have shown up (without the assistance of an analog translator) in at least one rating book somewhere with even a 0.1 share.

Since that has yet to happen, several years into the process, it seems silly not to label the whole project as a total failure.

Radio INK would gain a bit of credibility if it stopped publishing pro-Ibiquity puff pieces like this.

- Bill Goldsmith
(4/29/2013 4:10:47 PM)
Suggestion: Give your readers a break with these suck up headlines about how brilliant the future of IBOC is.... Brilliant, that is, according to Struble, and only Struble.

- Peter Tripp

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