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What is "Feed The Meter?"


Impact Target Marketing founder Eric Corwin says he's developed a way for the smartphone of listener to initiate the playing of your station's embedded PPM signal into a meter. "As a part of our Feed the Meter campaign we've developed the SmartRadio Survey mobile app.  It can prompt a person to change their listening choice to your station at select times throughout the day." Today, we find out exactly what Corwin's new product is all about and how it can help your station.

Corwin says, during the recent Arbitron/Edison Infinite Dial study, he learned  some valuable information that helped support his findings about the SRS app. "One of the key points in the study highlighted the idea of recency which is the value of reaching a consumer as close to their purchase decision as possible.  In the case of our app it is not a purchase decision but a listening decision. The development of the Feed the Meter campaign utilizes smartphone technology to create recency.  This in conjunction with the proximity of our app; the fact that it goes everywhere a PPM panelist goes, allows us to change the listening decision of potential PPM panelist so that they tune into your station." 

How long has the product been in use by stations?
We are presently signing up stations now for our first survey period beginning May 1st.  This campaign mimics our successful snap pack direct mail survey campaign. The snap pack campaign targets hot zips and asks individual to participate in a local survey.  They are instructed to listen to their assigned station, (our client station), for three days and then complete a brief online survey.  Just for completing the survey theyre given a chance to win a large cash incentive.

The main difference in our snap pack campaign, which continues to be successful, and the SRS-Feed the Meter Campaign is that the SmartRadio Survey lasts for an extended period of time and is located on the person.  It can be supported by direct mail and telemarketing outreach or only through present station outreach using social media, email, website and the station itself.

It almost sounds like you are trying to beat the PPM system. Are you?
Not beat the system.  Work within the system; understanding the PPM and the best ways for our stations to get their fair share of ratings.  We need to know where our stations have the best chance to win and make sure that we can persuade those present and potential survey individuals to choose our station over a competitor.  With SmartRadio Survey mobile app the proximity of the app creates recency or the ability to effect the listening decision as close to the meter as possible; this allows us the ability to change listening whenever and wherever it is needed to support underperforming quarter hours.

How do you identify a "survey friendly" individual?
We utilize Arbitrons PD Web product to helps us identify station hot zip codes. In addition we also use Research Director Inc. which takes ARB information to help us further identify hot zip codes for radio stations in PPM or diary markets. Before stations decide where to spend their marketing resources they need to know their strengths and weaknesses down to the zip code level.   In PPM markets were now able to more clearly identify where the meters are placed by zip code and view weighted quarter hours to help target more successfully.

Once we identify the key zip codes we speak to potential survey friendly individuals in terms of what is important to them.  They want their opinion heard and they want to be rewarded for it.

Explain how "Push notifications that initiate a listening change" work.
Well certainly push notifications, are an important component of the campaign but its really much more.  We have find the right people and deliver the right message at the right time using a both social media and traditional marketing to affect a listening decision.  In addition, we have a database driven backend that communicates intuitively with each survey participant.

Do you have a station now using this product?
Not as of today.  We just introduced this new campaign.  But were confident of its success given that it uses many of the same successful ratings strategies that weve employed over the last twenty years. So far were excited about the overwhelming interest in SRS and are in the process of closing on several markets as we speak.  I also want to remind your readers that this campaign is market exclusive.

For more information, reach out to Eric at or visit the Feed The Meter website HERE

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