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Seeing Double And Doubling Revenues

Any baby boomer will remember "Two, two, two mints in one" or the jingle "Double your pleasure, double your fun." This year radio will be seeing double. As a manager, you have to manage multiple brands and formats, and make each as successful as possible. And if you're like most, you have a station or two in your cluster that is underperforming -- or on life support -- and in need of something fresh and new to generate income. The pressure is on to perform and find revenue and Radio Ink is here to help.

It just so happens that a big trend we're seeing is clusters launching Hispanic and Sports stations, often both within the same cluster. Both of these formats are hot,  both are being sought out by local, regional, and national advertisers, and both are moneymakers. Long gone are the days when Hispanic stations were operated only  by Hispanic-owned companies, though such companies continue to predominate the sector. And the Sports format is so hot that the past 12 months have brought the  launch of several sports networks, offering 24/7 programming.

The Hispanic Radio Phenomenon
Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference has already become a phenomenon and is not only attended by a who's who of radio broadcasters airing Spanish-language  content, it is well attended by the advertising community, which seeks to better understand these formats and this audience. Also attending are market managers and  owners trying to determine if they should be adding Hispanic stations to their clusters. In most cities Hispanic radio is a market within a market -- and it can be license to print money.

Sports Radio Is HOT!
You already know how hot Sports radio is. Cluster managers are realizing the format can be an instant revenue win in their market and a great community builder, leading to lots of local ad support. Sports is so popular it is often successfully sold, in all market sizes, without strong ratings because buyers instinctively know their customers are following sports. Some markets, like Seattle, have four full-time Sports stations, and it appears all are making money.

Unique Understanding
One thing both formats have in common is that managers who run them need to understand the unique factors of operating them, selling beyond numbers alone, and maximizing revenues. Both are fruitful formats, but each requires a deep understanding and a special approach to maximize revenues. Our twin Radio Ink conferences are designed to help you focus on how to make money with each.

Twin Conferences
For the first time in its history, Radio Ink is holding two conferences side by side in the same facility, allowing cluster managers to attend one or both. (There is a special discount for attending both). The Hispanic Radio Conference is May 14-15 and the Sports Radio Conference is May 16-17, both at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

Revenues Found
If you're looking for revenue, you should be considering Sports radio, Hispanic radio, or both in your cluster. These two conferences are the best possible place to learn about these unique and profitable formats.

If your station is running any sports programming or games, even if not full-time, the Sports Radio Conference will give you the lowdown on the latest ideas to make money. For instance, we'll show you one station making huge nontraditional revenues in sports from its website alone, which will be an idea worth the trip.

If you're running a Hispanic station, the Hispanic Radio Conference is the place to learn what is working now and to find new ways to generate income.

We hope you'll consider joining us for one, or both.