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It's Official. Joe Walsh Gets A Radio Show.


After too may leaks to count, Salem finally made it official Thursday, announcing that former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh will join the line-up of AM 560 The Answer in Chicago. Beginning March 25, Walsh will take over weekdays 7-9 p.m. Walsh served only two years in Congress, as part of the Tea Party movement, elected in 2010 to represent Illinois' eighth district.

Walsh said, "People kept asking me what my next step was going to be after I left office in January. We're at a crucial point in this country, and I'm excited to take the debate right to listeners throughout Chicagoland via the airwaves. The radio program will be a great platform to help grow a freedom movement which is already gaining momentum right here in Illinois. I intend to do with this program what I did as a U.S. Congressman -- speak plainly, speak directly, not worry about political correctness, and engage in respectful, engaging debate with all viewpoints. This is just too important of a time for all of us to do anything less."