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"I'm More Concerned About The First Ammendment"

Former Clear Channel CEO and current Merlin Media CEO Randy Michaels took the stand Monday in the Todd Schnitt defamation lawsuit against Bubba The Love Sponge. Michaels was called on behalf of Bubba after Schnitt's lawyers rested their case. Michaels said, "Bubba made current events larger than life. It was a lot of professional wrestling." He also told the court Todd Schnitt was a brilliant and talented performer. Michaels said he was concerned about the first ammendment, presumably if Schnitt won his case. He hinted what went on five years ago was a classic radio war.

When a tape of Bubba's show was played in court, it appeared Michaels was ready to bust out laughing. After the tape he said, "It's classic. It's cartoon." Michaels did not believe anything Bubba said was a "call to action," for Bubba's listeners to physically hurt Schnitt or his family. Bubba's lawyers are arguing that the back-and-forth between radio hosts is part of the business, a way to increase ratings for one show while bringing down ratings of another. Schnitt's lawyers argue Bubba went too far, repeatedly (verbally) attacking Schnitt's wife Michelle on the air and inciting the "Bubba Army" to intimidate Schnitt and his family by, for example, egging his house, cornering him in a parking lot, and running him off the road.

(2/18/2013 8:35:56 PM)
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(1/29/2013 9:54:43 AM)
What a joke. The only thing Randy Michaels cares about is money. He's just another greedy corporate dude, (not my first choice of words) lacking integrity, ethics, morals, scruples, character... need I go on?

- David Aamodt

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