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A Taste of How Passionate Country Fans Are


In our recently concluded poll of "The Best Country Stations in America," fans of Thunder Country 106 (owned by Press Communications) in New Jersey provide a glimpse of how important the format is to the New York/New Jersey area. And how passionate country music lovers are for their music. Once listeners heard about our contest, and the folks at Thunder spoke about it on the air, Radio Ink received thousands of e-mails from Thunder listeners. Here's just a sample of what they were telling us.

Gregory Delikat wrote, I am a big fan of Thunder106. They are the BEST radio station I have ever listened to. They have brought country music back to the NY/NJ area. I wake up every morning even on my day off to listen to Party Marty Mitchell (Marty is the BEST, most personnel DJ around). Marty is the energizer bunny of the station. Listening to him has inspired me, that if Marty can be so full of energy on 3 hours sleep, I can get up in the mornings when I don't get my 8 hour and try and do the same. He will interact with the fans on Facebook and makes us part of the show. Marty brings country stars to the station regularly. He also brings in new talent and has helped make them stars."

Listener Kelly Mager tells Radio Ink, "They bring us fans the best and newest music and many new artists before they even hit it big.  Over the past year they have brought us Thomas Rhett, The Farm, Kip Moore, Tyler Farr and many others to introduce their music to us and made fans in Thundernation. Another reason is the DJs themselves.  They are always out and about and hanging out on a personal level with the listeners. They have made a family out of their listeners.  Many last friends have been made through these events. They bring us the best in music and concerts day after day.  I'm glad to have a station in NJ that knows where country has come from and where it is headed.  They are leading the way, not watching from the sidelines."
Kathy Anthony wrote, "I really do love Thunder 106.3.  I feel, at least in the area where I live, that country music fans are a dying breed. Country music has such magic in it that I wish everyone would understand it. Thunder is out there for all of us, playing what we love, and keeping the magic alive. The DJs are great, the station does so many good things, and they show their love for God and this country on a regular basis, something that more should do."

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