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WTOP Comes To The Inauguration Rescue


Like most things in Washington, the speakers at the National Mall in Washington, where yesterday's Presidential inauguration was being broadcast, were broken. That left many people angry and unable to hear what they came to town for. Until WTOP came to the rescue.

Voters who brought battery-powered radios tuned to 103.5 FM WTOP or listened on smartphones to WTOPs live stream. A special WTOP listener line was promoted in advance and those who came prepared were able to hear the oath and speech loud and clear.

(1/22/2013 3:00:49 PM)
Bob Struble

@rjstruble 1 Jul 09 slept well but got off the redeye with lingering ambien effects. dont remember the drive home much. auditioning for the kennedy clan...

- An arrogant ass drives DUI in D.C.

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