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Borrell: 2013 Looks Promising for Radio Online


RAB and Borrell Associates are getting a fascinating peek at how radio’s digital ventures are shaping up. Earlier this month they launched a survey intended to gauge the “real” amount of online ad revenue stations are generating and what might happen in 2013. Borrell shared some of the preliminary findings with Radio Ink

*  This might be a better year for digital sales. Only one-third of the 400 stations responding thus far said their digital sales didn’t grow last year.  But for 2013, 60% said they expected revenues to grow – and half of them said the growth would be 20% or more.
* More than two-thirds of respondents say they believe online ventures hold "significant potential" for radio stations.  Yet 54% of respondents rate their sales reps' ability to sell digital products as "poor."
* More than 40% of respondents say their digital strategy is bad, or don't know if they even have one.  Percentage who said their station's strategy was "brilliant":  less than 5%.

Want to participate in the 3-minute survey? The results, which will include an analysis of Borrell’s data from more than 1,300 radio stations reporting digital revenues, will be published next month.  Borrell has promised Radio Ink a sneak preview.