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Talk Radio Is Fundamentally Trivial


After only six months on the air, that's the conclusion from Buzz Bissinger (pictured) who is no longer employed by CBS-owned WPHT. CBS Philadelphia Market Manager Marc Rayfield tells Radio Ink, "You cannot be a writer at Buzz’s high level without devoting 100 percent of your time to the craft. Our  professional parting was amicable and our personal relationship remains very much intact." Bissinger is an accomplished writer. reports that due to Bissinger's explicit language and multiple outbursts, CBS had an extra dump button just in case. also reports that the split may have had something to do with "F-bomb-filled office confrontations that resulted in Bissinger being charged with creating a hostile work environment."

Bissinger told that “while I enjoyed doing talk radio, I had increasingly come to the conclusion that it is fundamentally trivial. Trying to juggle two careers was becoming impossible. I miss my writing career."

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