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K-Mart By The Numbers


Here's just a sample of what the radio industry is up against when it comes to what advertisers spend. Thanks to Media Monitors we are able to see what K-Mart spent over the past year on both radio and television. The huge difference highlights what radio has been discussing for many years...the need to tell a better story about radio and to do it in front of the people at the top.

On local cable, K-Mart ran 339,367 spots in the last 12 months and 77,459 in November. That November cable number is almost as many spots K-Mart spent on radio in all of 2012. On Broadcast TV the advertiser ran 247,620 spots in 2012, and 37,279 in Novembr. On Radio, Kmart ran 79,798 spots in the last 12 months with their biggest month being November 2012 when they ran 31,258 ads.

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