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The Official Clear Channel Statement


"We are constantly looking at all aspects of our business to ensure that it reflects how the best organizations work today, taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology and organizational structure so we can continue to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Like every successful business, our strategy continues to evolve as we move forward as a company; this creates some new jobs, and unfortunately eliminates others. These are never easy decisions to make. In the process of making these recent changes, some employees were affected. We thank them for their service and wish them all the best for the future."

(12/8/2012 4:41:34 PM)
Phucking Liars!

- Master Blaster
(12/7/2012 10:45:12 PM)
John Hogan and Bob Pittman should take no salary or pay for a month, to show they are committed to turning CC around.

- Bob
(12/7/2012 4:03:13 PM)
Why did radio piss so much into iBiquity's HD Radio's blackhole?

- LMFAO!!!
(12/7/2012 2:19:31 PM)
These are explosive times for radio. The wrong people with the wrong priorities and the wrong skill-sets are controlling what happens next... and next.

"Fiduciary duties" is such a tawdry shield behind which to hide or on which to justify... everything.

None of us knows how all of this is going to shake out, but we can be certain that any improvements in our business will come well after the thugs are chased away... or blow themselves up - the more likely scenario.

All of it will have been so unnecessary.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(12/7/2012 12:57:03 PM)
Bad people equals bad radio.
However, the banks will love them for it and give them more money.

- Rick Anderson

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