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Focus On Independents
Digity CEO Dean Goodman

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The Legendary Al Ries: "Radio Playing Too Many Ads"

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It's something we've written about many times but seems to fall on deaf ears inside the radio beltway. Here's one person who hears it loud and clear and has some serious advice for broadcasters. Buzz Knight, on assignment to Radio Ink, picked up an interview with legendary marketing genius Al Ries, the author of "Focus" and "The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding," among other best sellers. Ries, who is all about branding, tells Knight, "I am seriously concerned about radio." He says the number of ads radio plays is not good for advertisers. "I don't see how you can run so many commercials and expect to cut through. It doesn't make any sense." Ries ran an advertising agency in New York for nearly 30 years and now consults with his daughter Laura. Ries also tells Knight radio needs to do a better job getting its message out. Something we've heard many times before.

Listen or download the Buzz Knight/Al Ries interview HERE
Check out the Ries & Ries website HERE

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media and he can be reached at

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