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The WTOP Philosophy: If It Isn't Broke Let's Break It.

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WTOP in Washington D.C. is only the top billing radio station on the planet. So what do they do? Make changes, of course. Changes to stay ahead of the competition. Changes to lead the innovation. Changes aimed at retaining their top billing crown. How do they do that? By embracing new technology, investing in the product, hiring not firing and building on their already strong brand. For example, WTOP Vice President of News and Programming Jim Farley was not happy with WTOP's Twitter performance during a big storm this year. Now, WTOP has two full-time "tweeters" just pushing out traffic information to the community. Yesterday Farley announced a list of promotions at WTOP along with Lauri Cantillo coming in as PD. We spoke to Farley about those changes and his plans to take WTOP to the next level. Here is that interview.

Here are the WTOP changes:
- Current director of digital operations John Meyer moves into the newsroom as the architect of the social and digital strategy as it comes together with the current broadcast operation.
- News Director Mike McMearty is moved to Senior News Director
- Assistant News Director Mitchell Miller is promoted to News Director
- Mike Gartell is made Managing Editor
- Gary Emerling is now the Senior Digital Editor
- Darci Marchese becomes Executive Producer.   
- Former WABC NY PD Laurie Cantillo is the new Program Director of WTOP

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