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Recruit High Powered Salespeople

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Ken Thoreson is the CEO of Acumen Management Group, an organization that helps build successful sales and sales management organizations. Thoreson has written several books, including "Recruiting High Powered Sales Teams." We had a chance to interview Thoreson about his book, his techniques and how radio stations can recruit, hire and compensate superstar salespeople in 2012. Thoreson details how to properly interview, how to spot a superstar seller, the traits of a great salesperson and when to stop nurturing someone who is not going to make it.

Our interview is 30 minutes long. It can also be downloaded from iTunes as a Podcast to your smartphone if your interested in listening on the go. Listen to our interview HERE or download from our iTunes page.

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(1/5/2012 8:54:49 PM)
Dave Aamodt is a Horrible person.Betrayed me and ny son over money and now talks about compensation for people.What a hypocryte.I was the top salesman and helped the take over from Jack Geotz to him being GM.He was about the money not my family...Just his...Mark Bibbee

- Mark Bibbee
(11/23/2011 8:30:43 AM)
"How To Recruit High Powered Salespeople" ought to be a question and not a headline.

Here's how.....give'em something to sell and pay'em well.

- Jerry Clegg, crmc
(11/22/2011 11:25:24 AM)
This industry has systematically bled the life out of every rep and sales manager over the last several years. Does anyone want to argue this point?

To whom is this article/podcast directed--the disconnected, absent owners? Certainly NOT anyone tasked with finding and retaining top sales talent in the radio industry.

Please stop peddling this crap; it confuses upper management into thinking they CAN find/train/retain superstars while paying them minimum wage.

Get real.

- Will Baumann
(11/18/2011 9:01:37 AM)
The Radio stations I successfully managed in Yakima Washington from 1987-2000 had a staff of 12 sellers and two sales managers. We paid 20% on direct local business...15% of agency business...and 22% on new business. We were the cash-flow king of the market.

Today that same group of stations (after Corporate America screwed them up)now pays 12.5% on local direct business, and 10.5% on agency business. That group of stations is also down to six sellers and one sales manager. Super-star sellers want and expect to be compensated fairly. You will not retain, let alone recruit quality sales people when you care more about your shareholders than you do your employees and the community you are entrusted to serve. David Aamodt/General Manger (former) RESULTS RADIO-YAKIMA, WA.

- David Aamodt

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