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Arbitron Says It's Way Too Early For New Web Based Measurement Program.

March 15, 2011

According to Arbitron "leapfrog" indicates a significant move forward in the radio survey business. But it's too early in the process to know whether this new way of gathering data will work or even become a reality. Leapfrog was part of the Radio Advisory Council meetings recently held and it appears council members want the industry to know this new program is being considered.

Leapfrog is a new experimental measurement approach that features a week-long, web/mobile-based survey as the primary means of data collection. Yesterday in a late afternoon conference call Arbitron and Radio Advisory Council Chairman Tom Skinner discussed "leapfrog". And my read is that members of the council would like to see this move along a little faster than it has been. Not many in the industry even heard about it before this week. And, Arbitron says "it's way way premature to have a date in mind for when it will happen. We need to see if people will cooperate and what the demographic sample looks like and until we get all of those answers, we prefer to let the research be the guide."

The program has been discussed by the council and Arbitron for about a year now. Skinner says he's happy with the progress so far. "Arbitron can move very slowly, for mostly for good reasons. Broadcasters live in a world where we move day-to-day, hour-to-hour and very fast so sometimes we get very frustrated that Arbitron moves way too slow. In this instance we were impressed with the progress made since last November. I am very happy knowing there are a whole lot more questions that have to be answered."

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