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How Many Markets Will Overlap in the Deal of the Decade?

by Ed Ryan

What happens when you have 347 stations in one pot, 225 stations in another pot and you throw them all together in one big pot and mix them together with a $2.4 Billion stick? You might think there would be a lot of overlap. Well, not so fast. And, perhaps this is one of the reasons Lew Dickey and company decided this was a deal they had to have, sorry Mr. Field. When the deal closes Cumulus will have a home in 120 markets. We looked at all of them so you can see how the two groups match up.

We've highlighted the markets in blue where both Citadel and Cumulus have stations. In Dallas, Cumulus owns KPLX, a country format and Citadel has KSCS, also country. Also in Dallas, sports station KTCK for Cumulus and Heritage News/Talker WBAP in the Citadel column. In all Cumulus has 4 in Dallas and Citadel has 2. In Atlanta, Citadel has 2 (Oldies and Country) and Cumulus has 3 (CHR, Rock and Alternative). In Harrisburg Cumulus has 5 stations and Citadel has 3. Amazingly in a deal this big, there are not too many markets where both own stations. Here is the complete list. 


CUMULUS                     CITADEL
Abilene                             Albuquerque
Albany                              Allentown
Amarillo                           Atlanta
Ann Arbor                        Augusta
Appleton                         Baton Rouge 
Atlanta                            Binghamton
Bangor                            Birmingham
Beaumont                        Boise
Bismark                          Charleston
Bridgeport                       Chattenooga
Cedar Rapids                  Chicago
Cincinnati                        Colorado Springs
Columbia, MO                Columbia, SC
Columbus/Starkville        Dallas
Dallas                           Des Moines
Danbury                         Detroit
Dubuque                        Erie
Eugene                          Flint
Faribault/Owatonna        Grand Rapids
Fayetteville AR               Harrisburg
Fayetteville NC               Knoxville
Flint                                Kokomo
Florence                         Lafayette
Fort Smith                      Lancaster
Ft. Walton Beach            Lansing
Grand Junction                Little Rock
Green Bay                       Los Angeles
Harrisburg                     Memphis
Houston                          Minneapolis
Huntsville                        Modesto
Indianapolis                     Muncie
Kalamazoo                     Muskegon
Kansas City                    Nashville
Kileen-Temple                New Bedford
Lake Charles                  New London
Lexington                       New Orleans
Macon                           New York
Melbourne                      Oklahoma City
Mobile                           Portland
Monroe                          Portsmouth
Montgomery                   Presque Isle
Myrtle Beach                   Providence
Nashville                         Reno
Odessa Midland              Saginaw
Oxnard-Ventura              Salt Lake City
Pensacola                       San Francisco
Poughkeepsie                  Springfield
Quad Cities                     Stockton
Rochester                        Syracuse
Rockford                        Tri-Cities
San Francisco                 Tuscon
Santa Barbara                 Tuscaloosa
Savannah                        Washington DC
Shreveport                     Wilkes Barre
Sioux Falls                     Worcester
Wichita Falls

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Cumulus doesn't have any Columbia SC stations.

- Rob

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