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PREVIEW: "5 Ways to Achieve Your 2011 Digital Goals"

March 7, 2011

Coming in the March 21st issue of Radio Ink magazine we have a great piece from Daniel Anstandig entitled The 5 Most Common Stumbling Blocks to Hitting Your Digital Budget and How to Overcome Them. Here's a preview.

"With Q1 coming to a close, it’s time to review your 2011 progress. Many managers in radio will look at their ledgers, only to see big digital goals staring back at them. Whether you’re on your way to hitting your goals or struggling out of the gate, it may help to be mindful of these common stumbling blocks to hitting your digital budget." Daniel then goes out to list the top 5 issues that get in the way of digital sellers hitting their goals. but even better than that, he details how to overcome them.

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