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Rush Top Talent on Talkers Big List....Again

February 10, 2011 - Michael Harrison and his crew have names Rush Limbaugh the top talker for the 6th year in a row. Before 2006, Talkers would list alphabetically, not in numerical order. Talkers Magazine has been publishing the list since 1995.  It was only 25 in year one, 75 talkers were added in year two and that's the way its been ever since.
Harrison tells Radio Ink that the talk radio genre is one of the most dynamic in all of radio and there is more to it than just political talk. "I think one of the most important messages that the Heavy hundred delivers is just that -- that "talk radio" is extremely diverse. Therefore I do not worry about there being replacements down the road for the handful of people at the top.  Our problem is squeezing all the wonderful talent out there into just 100 slots".
We put Harrison on the spot and tried to get him to predict who the number one would be in 10 years. He didn't bite. "The "unknown" is a major factor in the talk radio world both in predicting future hot topics as well as talent.  It is possible the number one host of 2020 might not even be in the business at this point. It's also possible that Limbaugh will be on top another decade or more".
The criteria for the ranking, according to Harrison: courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition,revenue, service, talent, uniqueness. "We recognize that the results are arguable and that there are tremendously subjective aspects to the list.  But we take it very seriously and do our best to create a snapshot overview of the general state of talk radio in its larger sense as well as to spark talk about and interest in this exciting branch of radio. That is our service to the industry".