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Do You Want A Great Life?

by Ed Ryan

About 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to land a job, for the 2nd time, at the best company I've ever worked for. Hired at 33, off the selling streets of North Carolina, I spent four years as editor of Radio Ink until the opportunity to run a cluster of Radio stations came along. I only left Radio Ink because I knew I had to be a General Manager at least once before I died. Being a manager also helped me write business plan and start a business that eeked through the recession. Here we are 10 years later and I'm back home at the job I loved then - and the job I love today. When you work at a job you love, it's not really work. Have you ever been there?

Radio Ink has been a strong and steady brand in the Radio industry since Eric took it over in 1983. Ink also made it through a recession and has added online products and conferences. We're doing great things with more in the works. Don't you want to be part of something great? When I pick up the phone and tell people I'm from Radio Ink they're actually glad to hear from us. It's a brand with a great reputation. That's exciting. Every day it's exciting. I like the Kool Aid. It adds to having a great life.

Do you believe you have the attitude that fits into our model. Having love for a strong brand. To be able to confidently work with clients to explain the benefits of a strong brand. We believe there are a few people out there. We only need a few. We only have room for a few. Our expectations are high. And, representing our brand is not for everyone. Representing the Radio Ink brand is not a job. We're looking for bottled up pride. It can't be faked. It has to be on your sleeve not up your sleeve. Call it a cult if you want, I don't care. But you won't call it a job.

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