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FCC Cracking Down on Cell Phone and GPS Jamming

February 9, 2011 - The commission says it is engaging in new efforts to clamp down on the marketing, sale, and use of illegal cell phone and GPS jamming devices. The Bureau released two Enforcement Advisories and a downloadable poster on cell phone and GPS jamming that warn consumers, manufacturers, and retailers that the marketing, sale, or use of cell, GPS, and other jamming devices is illegal.  In the last two weeks, the Bureau issued warnings to four well-known online retailers including the company that markets the TxTStopperTM directing them to cease marketing jamming devices to customers in the U.S. or face stiff fines.

Michele Ellison, Chief of the FCCs Enforcement Bureau, said while people who use jammers may think they are only silencing disruptive conversations or disabling unwanted GPS capabilities, they could also be preventing a scared teenager from calling 9-1-1, an elderly person from placing an urgent call to a doctor, or a rescue team from homing in on the location of a severely injured person.  The price for one persons moment of peace or privacy, could be the safety and well-being of others.