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Joyner to Harvey: "Trash Talking Will Give Way to Great Radio"

February 3, 2011 - The friendly barbs continued today when Radio Ink magazine spoke to 20-plus year Radio vet Tom Joyner. Joyner is just a few days away from returning to New York and compete against his friend Steve Harvey. Harvey is our cover story interview March 7th.

Joyner with over 100 affiliate stations says it's great coming back to New York City. "Everyone knows how important the New York market is in almost every arena… sports, entertainment and media.  We will come in and do what we do every morning.  It’s been working well for us for almost 20 years and it will work well in New York…again."

Joyner didn't seem too put off when we reminded him his friend Steve Harvey told us he was going to mop the floor with Joyner in the ratings. "What do you expect him to say?  Listen to a boxer before a big fight, listen to a player before a big game, listen to a politician before a big election.  The trash talking will eventually fade and it will come down to what really matters… great radio. There has to be more than marketing and hype.  In the end it’s always about who can offer content compelling enough to keep their audience listening longer.

Harvey is heard on just over 60 stations. He's also written several best-selling books and is the host of Family Feud. Harvey is on the cover of the March 7th issue of Radio Ink magazine. To subscribe to Radio Ink, CLICK HERE and subscribe securely online.