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Imus Doesn't Know if He's Being Fired.

February 3, 2011 - Commenting on the U.S. News story on his program this morning, Imus said
he wasn't amused by the comments by the Fox business boss. He called the boss at the network and indicated he didn't get a straight answer. He thought the comments were "insane". Imus said "TV execs are less trustworthy than drug dealers".

He then said let's go to the Fox Biz spokeswoman, who said "we cannot confirm those reports" which made even less sense to the I-man if the network was keeping him.

Imus sounded genuine when he said "We like it here. I would say I don't care but I do care. You never know. Just keep turning your TV on and one of those days we won't be there. Imus made it sound like the TV execs were not telling him the entire story. He was really perplexed about what the Fox business spokesperson said.