Eboni Williams To Co-Host With Curtis Sliwa


Williams will co-host The Curtis and Eboni Show on WABC Radio in NYC, weekdays Noon-3:00 p.m. ET. In addition to her new co-hosting duties, Williams serves as co-host of FOX News Channel’s The FOX News Specialists. She will also contribute to 77 WABC Radio’s social media channels and produce a weekly podcast for wabcradio.com.

Chad Lopez, Vice President and Market Manager for Cumulus Media-New York, said, “Eboni is an impressive person, both on and off the air. Adding Eboni to WABC offers a dynamic new perspective to our listeners and our clients.”

Craig Schwalb, Program Director, 77 WABC Radio, said, “Eboni breaks the mold for what a talk host can be today. She is equal parts intelligent, passionate, relatable, and exciting. Curtis and Eboni will be a must-listen in New York.”


  1. I listened to the show with Ebony K Williams, it was very entertaining. She is smart, witty & full of fire. I feel Curtis will have his hands full with her.I feel it is a good match & a smart move & the results should be a home run.

  2. I heard the first show today with Ebony. She is easy on the eyes, well spoken & full of fire.Curtis will have his hands full. All in all I feel the addition of Ebony with Curtis will be a home run Robert C

  3. Ok have now come to realize intelligent, well spoken and factual is not what sell.

    And that is more about us than management of the station, they sell what is in demand.


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